George Washington Bridge

24 July 2010, 7:00 PM – Washington Heights, Manhattan
“There is an actual doorway into the city…”

...and this is it.

Full disclosure (in fact, one I made in this post): I have a fear of falling from high heights. I’m also not a huge fan of walking across bridges.

So a pedestrian walkway where only a four-foot barrier keeps you from falling either to your death or possible survival in the Hudson River is just a fantastic place to put a lock on the journey.

Except there wasn’t one there.

We went all the way up to 181st Street (when we should have gone to 175th), doubled back to the bridge, and went through the three gates to the southern pedestrian walkway, to see that there was no Medeco lock to unlock.

It was a beautiful view of the city, no doubt, with the Hudson River looking all placid and clean (although it’s not), but the ‘doorway into the city’ was sort of an in-and-out job.

After a tall can of Arizona Iced Tea (specifically, an Arnold Palmer) at the GWB Bus Terminal, the journey quickly moved on to the final stop that day, the Tortilleria Nixtamal in Corona.


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