Unrandom Musings and Trivia

Along with the Random Musings that are posted on Random Musings and Trivia, there is some method to the madness. Here are the following features, covered weekly on the blog:

  • Music Monday: Formerly known as Required Listening until it was promoted from a recurring feature to a regular one, Mr. Pecoraro presents a song or songs that people should all listen too, accompanied by a review.
  • Wednesday Top 5: The 5 best or worst (or favorited, or most memorable, or most important, &c., &c.) of a certain topic, according to Mr. Pecoraro. (On occasion, Music Monday and the Top 5 are merged into the Required Listenings Top 5, which is the Top 5 songs or albums within a certain topic.)
  • Thursday Trivia: Five bits of information about a certain topic that Mr. Pecoraro has picked up over the years. And sometimes, a puzzle! (Just not a jigsaw puzzle. Or KenKen. I could never do KenKen.)

Previous features included Stuff I Like and its counterpoint, Stuff I Dislike, which, while retired, remain on the blog for all to see.

But expect other reviews, commentaries, how-to’s, and stories of fiction and non-fiction, based upon likes and dislikes of Mr. Pecoraro, along with Mr. Pecoraro’s infamous venting sessions, at random intervals on the blog.


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