The Random Musings Collective

Random Musings goes a pretty good deal farther than this fine WordPress blogging establishment. The sphere of influence extends to these far frontiers of Cyberspace:

YouTube: The Random Musings channel (still known officially as The Random Report) is still in a bit of a state of flux, a changing style that isn’t cemented yet. The personal channel is also often in a state of neglect due to Daniel’s many YouTube collaborations.

The Random Musings channel on YouTube also has a few other goings on in the world of Daniel Pecoraro, including mariachi bands at baseball stadia, videos for classes, and other cool stuff.

Ustream: Every other week, enjoy Daniel Pecoraro, Danielle Gold, and the occasional special guest on the Random Report Live!, a 30-minute long web-show about stuff. We’re never sure what stuff it is until the day before (or the day of), but it’s generally fun. Keep watch of Twitter and Tumblr, below, for the broadcast details.

Tumblr: The espn2 (at least in its original form) to Random Musings‘ ESPN, the Random Musings Tumblr presents a more observational style of writings than the posts on “ephemera, trivia, and other Latinate words rhyming with ‘a’,” featuring Random Thoughts essays exclusive to Tumblr, along with photos, videos, and doodles, along with reblogs of things Daniel finds interesting.

Twitter: Random Musings is back on Twitter after a autumn-long absence, but with a new handle; gone is @RandomMusingsAM, in is @dpecs. Enjoy silly questions and comments posed to cyberspace, along with fun with food trucks.

Flickr: One of the goals at the beginning of Random Musings and Trivia was that every post would have some form of media, be it video, audio, or pictures. The Random Musings Flickr page aims to do that – showing events in the life of Daniel Pecoraro in photo (and occasional video) form.

SoundCloud: Where you can hear some of Daniel’s covers of songs (and hopefully, someday, original tunes), recorded on his MacBook Pro. Also, his airchecks from when he was Mets Kids Correspondent for Radio Disney in 2005.

Also on the Internet: my personal home page and resume.


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