About the Blogger

Mr. Daniel Pecoraro, Writer of Random Musings and Trivia.

Born in 1992 to his human mother and…human father, Daniel Pecoraro (dpecs to his friends and colleagues) is the foremost expert on…well…nothing. But he knows a bit about a bunch of stuff. A trivia nerd, a sports geek, a pop cultural anthropologist, an enthusiast of politics and science (and political science), a visitor of many museums, zoos and aquaria, and a raconteur of the English language, Mr. Pecoraro has been a writer for Sportsphan.com and The Townsend Harris Classic; an original member of The Macaulay Vlog; a tour guide and intern at both the Louis Armstrong House Museum and the Museum of American Finance; and a contributor of varying levels of frequency for WQEW Radio Disney (where he did 30-second spots chronicling the weeks that were for the New York Mets in 2005), UFLAccess.com, the Queens Gazettemental_floss, Podquiz, and Thirteen’s SundayArts. Currently, Mr. Pecoraro is host of the spin-off Thursday Trivia Podcast and a founding member of the YouTube collaboration AccioNerds. (Here’s his full resume.) Additionally, Mr. Pecoraro appeared on an episode of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in March of 2011 (video here, transcript here), winning $1,000 and yet somehow maintaining the respect of his friends, neighbors, and ancestors.

Mr. Pecoraro can usually be found walking the streets of Manhattan, lazing in the southeastern part of Queens, or taking in a baseball game in Flushing or Coney Island. Additionally, he can be contacted at 88milestotimetravel@gmail.com, on AIM as vagrantmuggle, on Skype as thejollygallivanter, or at his Facebook page, and no, he is not available for parties. (Unless there’s free food involved, in which case, he’s definitely available.)