21 July 2010, 5:00 PM – The Hub, The Bronx, NY

“Check the mail. It’s you’re mailing address too.”

This one I was a bit wary about, it being in the Bronx and being one of those copying-and-PO boxes joints – meaning it was probably part of a marketing ploy. Surprisingly, not only did they notice I was there, I probably had the most fun of any of the locks I’ve been to so far.

When I went there, I met a couple of other Keyholders (I remember one of them was named Margo, that’s all I can recall) – two wonderful young ladies that I was chatting with and sifting through the mail in the PO Box, which you can see and hear here:

There was a bunch of crazy stuff in there – from a female firefighter that poses for calendars, to a doctor who “explains things in simple words and pictures” (how you get a doctorate in that, I have no idea), to drawings of phallic symbols. It was all quite interesting, but hey, that’s New York – and I guess that was the whole idea of this lock, bringing people to one hub (it literally was one Hub) to enjoy the talk – however inane or inconsequential – of the city.

My journey continued in Bronx County at the Centro Cultural Rincon Criollo, which you can read about here.


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