Bonus Podcast!

This is a bit of a late post but I just posted it – I released a bonus edition of the Thursday Trivia Podcast tonight, with 6 questions on U.S. Congress. Originally this was going to be a Guest Quizmaster bit for PodQuiz, but James and I agreed it wouldn’t work for his show (plus, again, stupidly, 6 questions instead of 5); I asked if I could repackage it as a bonus edition of my podcast, and thankfully he agreed. Get it on the RSS feed or on the iTunes machine.


New Podcast

Sorry for no Top 5 post yesterday – I didn’t get back home until quite late, so I didn’t have time to write anything anyway. In any case, my favorite food truck – actually a cart – is R. Retha’s down in Lower Manhattan. Fan-freakin’-tastic jerk chicken, and quite a lot of it too.

Anyway, I actually got a podcast up early this time around – this week, as promised, five questions on defunct airlines. This week’s music is “Underground Love” by And the Giraffe. Get the podcast over on Tumblr or via iTunes.

New Podcast and AccioNerds Video!

So I’m pushing back the other posts to a time in the future to be made known (maybe this weekend, maybe not), though I do have a podcast for you:

(Reminder that you can e-mail or send a voicemail to me to be in the running for fabulous prizes from the bonus podcast two weeks ago.)

Also, here’s a new AccioNerds video, live on tape from the Staten Island Ferry!

Back with a New Podcast! Wooooo!

First of all, thanks to Liz Kussman for being made of awesome and guest-blogging for me over the past week. Next, here’s this week’s regularly-scheduled episode of the ThursTriv podcast on Canada! The bonus podcast will be up tomorrow (though it’ll be up on SoundCloud later tonight).

And what the Hell, here’s this week’s AccioNerds video.

Textual Thursday Trivia later tonight tomorrow or possibly after that (good God that’s a lot of alliteration).

ThursTriv Podcast Update

Just a brief check-in to the blog to tell y’all that in addition to the regularly scheduled ThursTriv Podcast on Canada this week, I’ll be doing a bonus podcast over this weekend. It’ll be two rounds and I’ll be giving away a couple of prizes. More info over the weekend.

And now back to your regularly scheduled Guest Week…