Preview: “Here Is New York”

I’ve had an idea kicking around in my head for a while – a bit of brain crack, if you will – about a daily video show on the YouTube channel (a channel I’ve been neglecting recently). What really got me to get up off my rear end and start bringing it to fruition were two things: first, this week’s theme on AccioNerds being outside, and second, and most important to my hopes for the style of the videos, Craig Ferguson’s shows in Paris last week. (In case you missed it, Craig along with robot sidekick Geoff Peterson and actress Kristen Bell had a week of shows mostly walking about Paris without a license due to the show’s ostensibly low budget, filming whatever they could.) Specifically, his discussions on the history of Paris and its sights truly captivated me and influenced my thoughts on this project. Additionally, I’ve been a bit influenced by Thirteen’s New York on the Clock series and, oddly enough, This American Life (which has been recording in New York right under my nose the last four years – how I haven’t run into Ira Glass in Chelsea yet, I don’t know); specifically, the interstitials Ira Glass did on what little I’ve seen of the short-lived TAL television show – just him, reading off a script, with a really low-quality camera – on a subway escalator, the Roosevelt Island Tram, whatever.

Anyway, here it is: for one year (specifically, 2012), I’ll upload a new video each day in a series I’m calling Here Is New York. Right now, I’ve only got videos of me talking into a camera (hastily done ones at that) about a certain thing, but hopefully there will be a few “Thoughts from Places” type videos, a few videos of other people telling their New York stories, perhaps other things. In any case, here’s what I have so far, a sneak peek into Here is New York:


New Video and This Week’s Musings

So here’s a video I did for World Blood Donor Day:

You might want to play this as soon as you’re done with it. In any case, this week’s musings! I’m going to make it sort of a Top 5 week – largely ’cause I have I double-length post out of the way and partly because it should be interesting.

  • Top 5: Tomorrow, my 5 favorite chocolates and 5 fruity candies, as promised but not gotten to last week.
  • Thursday Trivia: I’m going to do something different for this week’s Thursday Trivia. Much like the top 5, it’ll be double-length – part 1 will be 5 facts about James Earl Jones, and part 2 will be sort of an Pat Kiernan, “In the Papers”-esque video going through facts I find interesting in the next issue of mental_floss (what I hope to make a feature every other month), which I got this morning.
  • This week on the ThursTriv Podcast, I announce the winners of the bonus podcast prizes (currently nonexistent – get answer-emailing, people!) and the answers to the questions in that podcast, along with 5 questions on Sesame Street. (Kelly Cordray’s going to come on the show to talk about Sesame Street with me sometime within that span, so it may be a bit longer than usual and possibly without a song.)
  • Stuff I Like: I still haven’t written about Yoo-Hoo yet?! Jeez, I’m slow! In lieu of that, my 5 favorite non-juice soft drinks.

Additionally, I’ll be talking about comedy and comedians on AccioNerds tomorrow; talking about YouTube and what I like and dislike about it on Year of the Nerd Friday; and talking about…something on TMV Saturday. Also, I’m hoping to get to see the Coen Brothers’ True Grit on Saturday before the Cyclones home opener at the Museum of the Moving Image and possibly the documentary Page One, on the New York Times, on Monday – I’ll review those on Tumblr as part of the standard short post/photography rigamarole, with the even-shorter-post rigamarole continuing over on Twitter.

This Week’s Musings (and Saturday’s Random Report)

Here’s a fresh week of posts coming right at you:

  • Stuff I Dislike: Tomorrow, why I’m kinda glad Michael Scott’s leaving.
  • Top 5: I’m surprised I haven’t done it before – my top 5 favorite major league stadia.
  • Thursday Trivia: In honor of 31 Cent Scoop Night on Wednesday, 5 facts about Baskin-Robbins.
  • On the ThursTriv podcast this week (which, FYI, I recorded today and I’ll probably edit either tonight or tomorrow), 5 questions on the US Postal Service.
  • In lieu of the Stuff I Like this week, a review of Glasvegas’s new album. EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\.
  • Also the usual short post/iPod photography rigamarole on Tumblr, the even shorter post/iPod photography rigamarole on Twitter, and coming back in the Saturday saddle of The Macaulay Vlog, Also, a week from today, the awesome new collab I’m a part of, AccioNerds, is launching with the wonderful MaddhouseKB beginning the festivities (I begin vlogging on that channel Wednesday). I feel like how M. Ward is in like three different acts right now with all of these collabs and my solo channel (well, semi-solo, when Danielle co-vlogs).

And now without further ado this week’s Random Report (which basically is a companion piece/bonus video for TMV, but whatever)!

This Week’s “Random Report”, Live Show, and Unrandom Musings

I suck with this whole “1 week on, 2 weeks off” thing. It’s sad, really. In any case, here are this week’s posts:

  • Music Monday Top 5: Music Monday last time was curtailed by the fact that I had done it already (whoops), so later tonight, a Top 5 on the best songs related to cities.
  • No Tuesday Stuff I Dislike this week as apparently I can’t think of anything.
  • Wednesday Top 5: This week, the Top 5 Shows Cancelled Too Soon. And this will not – I repeat, NOT – include Firefly or Arrested Development, for reasons I will explain on Wednesday.
  • Thursday Trivia: In honor of the New York Times paywall (which I’m not insanely happy about, but not fuming with rage either – look, follow FreeNYT and the Firehose list on Twitter and you’ll probably be fine), 5 facts on the Gray Lady.
  • This week we’ll do another Making Crap Up story for Friday. The theme this week is soup, and what the Linkbait Generator spat out was “If soup had a love child with Kim Jung Il, it would look like this.” Oh boy.
  • Saturday Night Stuff I Like: I missed the last one on food, but instead I’ll review a few different food trucks instead.

Also this week in the Random Musings media empire, a eulogy for the 57th Street Borders on this week’s Random Thoughts essay over on – dpecs. (in addition to a few Random Doodles and Trivia and States of My Desk I’m getting set up for this week, and whatever else pops up), a game of Truth or Fail, Daniel Pecoraro Edition over on this Saturday’s TMV (many thanks to Danielle Gold for guest-vlogging this week), and hopefully a Random Report mini-sode in addition to the full episode you can see below.

Also, there’s going to be another edition of The Random Report Live!, with Danielle Gold and either a call-in format or a special guest (or both) this Wednesday at 8:30 on our Ustream channel.

And finally, without further ado, this week’s Random Report episode!

New Random Report Episode!

Here’s Episode 11 of the Random Report, in (further) celebration of the holiday. (I should note that due to additional projects, The Random Report will be back in February – expect a couple of editions of Making Crap Up, plus hopefully a few essays, in its stead on Fridays.)

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to include the limited footage I took of the lunar eclipse, so in lieu of that, this:

Thursday Trivia (on Friday!) in a couple of hours, but first…

a cat for friday

A Kitty! (Image by Flickr user Kevin Steele.)