How-To: Get Birthday Presents from People You Don’t Know

Yesterday was my birthday (I’m not revealing my age, but the year of my birth is in the “About the Blogger” page right above you), and while I was glad to get a new pair of rollerblades and tickets for New York Comic-Con, I got even more free stuff from restaurants via their e-newsletters. Here’s a look at the spoils and how you can get them:

Ben & Jerry’s: Free Single Scoop and $3 off a cake (time period: 2 weeks – one week before the birthday, one week after)

Pretzel Time: Free Small Pretzel Bites (time period: 2 weeks)

Ruby Tuesday: Free Burger (with “endless fries”) (time period: 2 weeks)

Uno Chicago Grill (formerly Pizzeria Uno): Free Entree (seriously, any entree, free) (time period: 5 weeks)

Cold Stone Creamery: Free “Like It” (a k a small) sized creation

Baskin-Robbins: Free Small Scoop (time period: 2 weeks)

Borders: Free coffee or tea at Seattle’s Best Cafes

AMC Movie Theaters: Free soda (of course, I’d still have to buy a ticket to see a movie, but it’s still something)

What you have to do is sign up for the newsletter at least a month from your birthday (because it takes a certain amount of time to process it), and use the coupon before the expiration date (remember to bring ID!) Also, check the coupons for any restrictions; you might want to call ahead to see if your location is participating in the deal.


How-To: Nap

I’ll admit it: I am a habitual napper. I’m never at my best unless I take my frequent (although not daily) 20 to 30-minute catnaps. They keep me focused and increase my productivity. The Boston Globe graphic below is the perfect primer on how to nap (bet you didn’t know there was a method to the madness!).

How to Nap, courtesy of the Boston Globe and mental_floss.