“Meat, The Mets”: Kyedong Chicken

Food has been an important part of Mets lore. From Dairylea Day to Strawberry Sunday to Elsie the Borden Cow coming to Shea Stadium, food has always played a part in Mets fans’ game experience. For goodness’ sake, “the butcher and the baker” are included in the team anthem, “Meet the Mets”!

As a result of all this gastronomical connections, there’s no surprise that Citi Field has some of the best food from any Major League ballpark. However, the cost of sampling all that food at the ballpark being prohibitive to the common fan (especially the common college student fan), my friend Max Bachhuber of Graphic Punching and I had an idea: reviewing the food of Citi Fields at the restaurants from whence they came!

And thus, the “Meat, The Mets” series was born. In this series, you’ll read (and see, thanks to the power of Flickr) Max and I sampling pizza from Cascarino’s of College Point, cannolis from Mama’s of Corona, barbecued meat from Blue Smoke, and burgers from Shake Shack, among others.

But first, we venture up to Northern Boulevard in Flushing, to one of the closest Citi Field-featured restaurants to Citi Field: Kyedong Chicken. Continue reading