The Tales of Poncho Villa: “Family”

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The Tales of Poncho Villa: “Los Inmortales”

The poncho that started it all.

This is a series of science fiction short stories, influenced by the FOX series The X-Files (the presence of aliens – in fact, Agent Vin Scully Gibson is inspired by Agent Dana Scully, even though he’s the exact opposite, and is much more like Fox Mulder) and New Amsterdam (an immortal who solves crimes), with the imagery of the Southwest (which I’ve always been fond of) thrown in.

But the series was actually inspired by an honor society induction ceremony.

You see, this year, I played Robin the Boy Wonder in a Batman parody film. The last day featured a scene in which I was to wear a poncho (in actuality, a blanket of mine, which my mother sewed a hole in for the head) and a sombrero (my friend Kimberly, who was co-director). I left the poncho (and incidentally my lunchbox) at Kim’s house that day, and she gave it to me the next day.

I decided to wear the poncho, as it was a blustery spring day, on the Queens College campus, during Baskin-Robbins’ 31-Cent Scoop Night, and for the induction ceremony for the New York State Science Honor Society, earning compliments and a chuckle from my sophomore-year chemistry (and senior-year forensics elective) teacher Mr. Porzio (who we last saw deriding House). I remarked that there should be a superhero who wore a poncho.

Enter this story, the origin of a superhero: the myth they call Poncho Villa (not Pancho Villa, the man who escaped Gen. Pershing). Enjoy after the jump. Continue reading