This Week’s Musings

Hope y’all enjoyed Thanksgiving; I certainly did. It’s a podcast week – more on that in a bit – and here’s the rest of what I’ve got cooked up for this week:

  • Music Monday: This week I talk about the awesomeness that is Symphony of Science.
  • Wednesday Top 5: My five favorite skyscrapers in New York City. (The fact that it’s New York City keeps you from having to read another 900 words gushing about Marina City.)
  • Thursday Trivia: Five facts on primates.
    On the ThursTriv Podcast this week, a Grilled Stuft Podcast with 10 questions on Taco Bell and two songs. 
  • Friday Stuff & Things: This Friday, a Required Listenings Top 5 on Tom Lehrer songs.

I’ll see you all later for Music Monday, for now, enjoy Bryce and Aaron Dessner of The National with the American Composers Orchestra.


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