This Week’s Musings

As I noted last week, it’s going to be a somewhat abbreviated week here on the blog; I’m taking all of Thanksgiving weekend off, so no Thursday Trivia this week. (The podcast will return next week as well, with 5 questions on Taco Bell.) But here’s what I’ve got cooked up for the next couple of days:

  • Music Monday: This week, music from the much-beloved children’s show Arthur.
  • Tuesday Stuff & Things: Since I didn’t get around to it Friday, I reflect on The Show with Ze Frank.
    Also, due to a quirky schedule tomorrow, it’s a very early end to my day, so I might go to the Library to see the “Know the Past, Find the Future” exhibit again and write about that as well. Either that or I’ll just go home and hang around on Tumblr.
  • Wednesday Top 5: My five favorite TV episodes of the past year.

And of course the usual Tumblr/Twitter/AccioNerds madness.

I’ll see you all later tonight for Music Monday; until then, enjoy Aloe Blacc.


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