This Week’s Musings

I’m back after an unintended rest-of-the-week off for an abbreviated week of posts. (Next week’s going to be an abbreviated week as well. See a theme here?) It’s a podcast week – more on that in a bit – and here’s the textual posts I’ve got cooked up:

  • Required Listenings: Tomorrow, I discuss the surprisingly-genius William Shatner album, Has Been.
  • Thursday Trivia: Either 5 facts about the film The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh, or a 5 facts and/or anecdotes on said film. Depends on how much I can find.
    This week on the ThursTriv Podcast, 5 questions centered around the theme “30 Days Hath…”.
  • Friday Stuff & Things: I reflect on The Show with Ze Frank, five years later.
Plus the standard Twitter/Tumblr/AccioNerds madness. And pesto! (Damn, I love pesto.)
I’ll see you all tomorrow for Required Listenings; until then, enjoy Mayer Hawthorne.

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