Music Monday: Indie Soundtracks

(Ed. Note: Tonight’s going to be a busy night work-wise, so I’m pushing back the retrospective to tomorrow.)

There’s been an interesting trend over the past few years – instead of having folks like John Williams or Hans Zimmer score major films, popular – or not so popular – recording artists are taking over. Take last year’s Academy Award-winning score for The Social Network, by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and Atticus Ross:

Nine Inch Nails is a fairly popular band, so let’s go even deeper, to Karen O’s soundtrack for the fantastic adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are (which I hold was a great film, but a terrible kids’ film):

Recently, Andrew Bird scored the soundtrack for the indie film Norman – which included “Night Sky,” a reworking of his song “The Sifters”:

The best of that soundtrack, though, may not be Bird’s – it’s probably Chad VanGaalen’s song “Rabid Bits of Time”:


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