This Week’s Musings

To all the readers on the East Coast, that was some crazy snow, huh? Hope y’all without power get that fixed soon (especially you, Jeph Jacques). To those on the West Coast who lamented the lack of snow in lieu of 80s-and-sunny weather, I hate you. On to this week’s posts:

  • Music Monday: I originally wasn’t going to post anything tonight other than the Week in Preview, but I have a new recording for the Subway Music Archive, so I’m presenting that.
  • Top 5: The 5 Most Persistent Urban Legends, in my view.
  • Thursday Trivia: The nostalgia machine that is Random Musings rolls on with 5 facts on Winnie the Pooh.
    It’s also a podcast week this week, with 5 questions on elections.
  • Friday Stuff & Things: Some of my favorite “Thank You Notes” from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon lip-synching cold opens from The Late Late Show (these are more easily available).
I’ll see y’all later for Music Monday; until then, enjoy Fleet Foxes.

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