Thursday Trivia: “The Room”

The 2003 independent film The Room is, frankly, a sight to be seen. It may be the most unintentionally funny film ever. Tommy Wiseau – the film’s writer/director/producer/executive producer/bizarre evil genius who has been aptly described by the Nostalgia Critic as the bizarro Fabio- stars in the film as Johnny, a banker (or so they tell us – we never actually see him working) whose life falls more or less apart for no particular reason. Except instead of sympathizing with Johnny, we laugh at him – repeatedly, and with greater vigor than the rest of the characters – for Wiseau’s bizarre elocution and sheer lack of dramatic acting ability. Take this small bit for example (some questionable language here):

Anyway, I’m not in the market for criticizing The Room (actually, I kinda am), I’m here to bring some trivia to the situation. Here’s five facts about “the Citizen Kane of bad movies”:

  • According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Wiseau noted that he gained some of the $6 million importing leather jackets from Korea. (What he did with the jackets was a mystery. Most likely, though, he sold them.)
  • Kyle Vogt, who played Peter, Johnny’s psychologist friend, left midway through the taping – so instead of writing him out of the plot, the lines were given to Greg Ellery, whose character Steven is never introduced or explained. (Not shocking, considering the film has myriad subplots that go unexplained and unresolved.)
  • Juliette Danielle was 18 when she was cast as the part of Lisa, Johnny’s unfaithful wife – actually, according to The AV Club, the actress originally slated to play Lisa quit, with Danielle being handed the role (most likely by none other than Greg Sestero, who did casting, was later cast himself by Wiseau as Mark, Johnny’s best friend and Lisa’s eventual lover, and later appeared on Fashion House, the first of the magnificently-panned MyNetwork telenovelas)- making the multiple love scenes between her and Wiseau that much creepier than they appear on film.
  • Speaking of those love scenes, the slow jams featured in the film were sung by Clint Gamboa, who appeared last year on American Idol.
While you’re getting your Room fix, head on over and play the Flash game based on (read: entirely co-opting) the film, and possibly pre-order Greg Sestero’s memoir for when it comes out in 2013.

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