(The Rest of) This Week’s Musings

So after that 900-word contemplation on Marina City, here’s what I’ve got cooked up for the remainder of this week’s (much, much shorter) posts:

  • Top 5: Tomorrow, I present my 5 favorite movie musicals.
  • Thursday Trivia: 5 facts about the hilariously bad film The Room.
    The ThursTriv Podcast will return next week with 5 questions on elections.
  •  Friday Post: I look back at some of my favorite Jeopardy! categories.
Plus the usual Twitter/Tumblr/AccioNerds madness. Also, I’m probably going to record some more cover songs in the next couple of weeks (possibly individually, possibly as some sort of EP), so stay tuned.
I’ll see you all tomorrow for the Top 5 tomorrow; until then, enjoy Andrew Bird, again, this time in documentary form (apparently this is only going to be shown in festivals, so I’m really hoping for it to be shown at Tribeca next spring):

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