Watch This: Thoughts from Places

Back in August of 2010, John Green recorded a video of his time in London and Edinburgh, doing readings, going to Nerdfighter gatherings, and generally traveling. It wasn’t a travelogue, per se – it was more a reflection on that travel; it was retrospective, rather than in the moment. And – as the key difference between it and other Vlogbrothers videos – it was presented in voiceover.

This became the basis of what the Greens called “Thoughts from Places” – a series of 100 videos (18 of which have already been done), a series to, paraphrasing John Green, bring more writing to YouTube and more YouTube to writing. It led not only to probably my favorite series-within-a-series the Vlogbrothers have done, but a style of video that has been imitated (or mocked) throughout YouTube.

Most of my favorites are from John’s European travels – starting with London and Edinburgh and continuing forth with my personal favorite, in Amsterdam, a video that combines the humorous with the thoughtful in a downright brilliant way; and in Bruges, during John’s stay in Amsterdam researching for and writing The Fault in Our Stars, his upcoming novel:

Hank Green was responsible for another one of my favorites – discussing his time going horseback riding:

Ransom Riggs, mental_floss blogger, photographer, and novelist, was responsible for a video that was heavily influenced by the Thoughts from Places style, chronicling a (relatively) long period of rain in Los Angeles:

Another of my favorites wasn’t done using great equipment but just employed a great mind filled with great ideas – YouTube-friend-of-a-YouTube-friend T.J. Mercier’s Thoughts from Milton, MA.

And finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t present the two Thoughts from Places videos I’ve done: one from Queens, the other from Washington, D.C.


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