This Week’s Musings

After a fun-filled and somewhat exhausting weekend (Comic-Con was awesome, for the record – check out the photos I took on Tumblr and my videographic recap on AccioNerds), I’m back for another week of musings. It’s a podcast week – in this week’s installment of the ThursTriv Podcast, the 15th edition of the show, 5 questions and a song related to The Muppets – and here’s the rest of what I’ve got cooked up for the week ahead:

  • Music Monday: Later tonight, I present a few of my favorites among NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts.
  • Wednesday Top 5: There’s been a pretty good deal of nostalgia on the blog recently (frankly, it’s one of the blog’s main commodities), what with the Thursday Trivia post on Carmen Sandiego; it continues forth this week on the Top 5 with my 5 favorite Humongous Entertainment games.
  • Thursday Trivia: This week in the textual post, 5 facts about things that start with the letter “x”.
  • Friday Post: I present some of my favorite “Thoughts from Places” videos on YouTube.

And of course, the standard AccioNerds/Tumblr/Twitter rigmarole.

I’ll see you all later for Music Monday; until then, enjoy Jonathan Coulton.


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