Thursday Trivia: Carmen Sandiego

The show's main cast during the final season p...

Greg Lee, the late Lynne Thigpen, and Rockapella. I'm getting nostalgic already. (Image via Wikipedia.)

Ed. Note: Apologies for not posting the Top 5 last night – my favorite cookies are, in no particular order, chocolate chip, chocolate with macadamia nut, oatmeal raisin, Oreos, and plain ol’ sugar cookies. Also, related to blood donation – which was the tangential relation to cookies in the first place – have a go at some blood donation trivia, via the J! Archive.

Lynne Thigpen played the Chief of ACME (always capitalized, though it was never explicitly established as an acronym) across much of the franchise’s history – for a non-hosting role on a children’s game show, it was one hell of an interesting career role. Along with portraying the Chief on Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, its successor Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego?, and three Carmen video games, she appeared as a member of judicial matters rather than investigative ones more often in her career: she appeared in 10 episodes as District Attorney Ruby Thomas on LA Law, and was a judge on Law & Order three times.

Four more facts about Carmen Sandiego after the jump, but first…

Do It Rockapella!

…I had to do it.

  • Greg Lee also had a semi-notable career to go along with Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, appearing as the voice of Principal Bob White on another ’90s staple, Doug.
  • Some punny villains in V.I.L.E. (again, always capitalized, though never explicitly established as an acronym) on the show and in the game series: Sara Nade, Justin Case, Ivanna Steele, and my personal favorite, Patty Larceny.
  • The three items needed to go to the map on the original show? The Loot, The Warrant, and The Crook. If they won in the final round (the map), the contestant “Gumshoe” would receive a trip to anywhere in the lower 48 states – a prize that was a hell of a lot better than Where in Time, which was just a desktop computer. (And worse yet, a desktop computer with dial-up, in all likelihood.)
  • The last major hurrah in the Carmen Sandiego universe was the cartoon series Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?, in which, come the end of the series, Carmen was seen less as an evasive villainess and more of an anti-hero, with a backstory presenting her as a prolific former ACME agent who went rogue, and plots which included Carmen helping ACME agents Zak and Ivy in foiling criminals greater and even more dastardly than she.

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