This Week’s Musings

Well that just went swimmingly last week, didn’t it. (Yes, I forgot to do Thursday Trivia because I was focusing on the podcast and didn’t feel like writing on Friday – or doing much of anything on Friday – but I’m making up for it.) Here’s what I’ve got planned for this week (and hopefully I’ll get to all of them):

Music Monday: Two posts this week – one of music I’ve recorded of late (a whole bunch of my own tracks and an addition to the Subway Music Archive), and one on the downright huge (and also kinda strange) Swedish band, I’m From Barcelona.

Required Listenings Top 5: My 5 favorite songs by the Mountain Goats.

Thursday Trivia: In lieu of the usual 5-facts theme, more of a story – one of my favorite Olympics stories, that of Spyridon Louis.

The ThursTriv Podcast returns next week with 5 questions on Nintendo.

Friday Post: Last week’s scheduled posts on “entertationalist” vloggers.

Plus the usual Tumblr/Twitter/AccioNerds (I’m thinking a new Wednesday Likes to Sing video, for the record)/TMV madness. A reminder that I have only 5 vlogs left with TMV, so do


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