Song Monday: Four new covers and an accordion

For those who aren’t aware, I occasionally post songs over on my SoundCloud page (which at this point isn’t used for much else), and over the summer, I uploaded a few new tracks. While a few of them (those that I’m not posting here on the blog) are just straight up a capella covers (alas, I can only play one instrument, and even that one I can rarely play), others either mimicked their musical forebears closer or expanded upon them.

The first one was a cover of “Jailbird,” from M. Ward’s album Hold Time – part of what I called “M. Ward appreciation month”; in which I recorded both lead and backup vocals and whistling. The same goes for the second track, Monsters of Folk’s “Goodway.”

The other two, both Andrew Bird tracks, sort of add on to the originals – one is a cover of Bird’s instrumental “Master Sigh,” from the album Useless Creatures, that I recorded next to my kitchen window as the sounds of the rain (particularly Hurricane Irene) came in (largely because the damn song was stuck in my head as the sound and smell of the rain wafted through). It’s actually four tracks – one of the whistling, one of the “high hum,” one of the “low hum,” and one of just the rain itself; the latter three loop throughout the recording.

The last one was sort of a larger project – over the course of a week (specifically, the week of best friend/Guest Week blogger Kelly Cordray’s birthday), I recorded sounds of that week and added those as loops, along with whistling and vocals, covering Bird’s “The Happy Birthday Song” (or more specifically, covering the rendition of the song performed at Bird’s TED talk) as a birthday present for Kelly.

One of the loops I used for that song was an accordionist on the F train in Brooklyn, which I’ve added to the SoundCloud page as part of the Subway Music Archive (I also recorded a drummer on the 2 train about two months ago, but I inadvertently deleted that file):


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