Music Monday: I’m From Barcelona

Quick, what do you get when you put together 29 Swedes all playing a variety of instruments – from guitar to glockenspiel to kazoo – and have them all sing about stamp collecting, oversleeping and chicken pox? You get I’m From Barcelona, a sort of strange, kind of silly, but downright fun band.

I’m From Barcelona (named after a line from the British show Fawlty Towers), which fellow AccioNerds member Stevie turned me onto, is led by Emanuel Lundgren, who serves as chief songwriter and lead singer. So far I’ve only heard their first full-length album, 2006’s Let Me Introduce My Friends, but even just that rivals Vampire Weekend’s oeuvre in terms of the most upbeat music I know. Here’s three of my favorite songs of theirs, “Treehouse,” “Oversleeping,” and “We’re From Barcelona”:


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