Preview: “Here Is New York”

I’ve had an idea kicking around in my head for a while – a bit of brain crack, if you will – about a daily video show on the YouTube channel (a channel I’ve been neglecting recently). What really got me to get up off my rear end and start bringing it to fruition were two things: first, this week’s theme on AccioNerds being outside, and second, and most important to my hopes for the style of the videos, Craig Ferguson’s shows in Paris last week. (In case you missed it, Craig along with robot sidekick Geoff Peterson and actress Kristen Bell had a week of shows mostly walking about Paris without a license due to the show’s ostensibly low budget, filming whatever they could.) Specifically, his discussions on the history of Paris and its sights truly captivated me and influenced my thoughts on this project. Additionally, I’ve been a bit influenced by Thirteen’s New York on the Clock series and, oddly enough, This American Life (which has been recording in New York right under my nose the last four years – how I haven’t run into Ira Glass in Chelsea yet, I don’t know); specifically, the interstitials Ira Glass did on what little I’ve seen of the short-lived TAL television show – just him, reading off a script, with a really low-quality camera – on a subway escalator, the Roosevelt Island Tram, whatever.

Anyway, here it is: for one year (specifically, 2012), I’ll upload a new video each day in a series I’m calling Here Is New York. Right now, I’ve only got videos of me talking into a camera (hastily done ones at that) about a certain thing, but hopefully there will be a few “Thoughts from Places” type videos, a few videos of other people telling their New York stories, perhaps other things. In any case, here’s what I have so far, a sneak peek into Here is New York:


2 thoughts on “Preview: “Here Is New York”

    • Ghostbusters is all over the place.

      And I could just record multiple videos over the course of one day and upload them in some sort of staggered way. Still haven’t figured that out yet, but I will.

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