This Week’s Musings

Well, my week off from blogging was most definitely relaxing, and now I’m back for a full plate of posts for your reading pleasure. Here’s what I’ve got cooked up:

  • Tuesday Stuff I Dislike: Why I can’t stand hardcover books.
  • Thursday Trivia (on Wednesday!): I’m going to be busy on Thursday going to a Cyclones game, so I’ll just write this week’s trivia post a day before (largely ’cause I have nothing to talk about when it comes to the Top 5 this week). 5 facts about They Might Be Giants, in honor of their free show in Williamsburg (featuring Jonathan Coulton, Eugene Mirman, and Patton Oswalt, among other awesome people) on Friday.
  • Stuff I Like: This weekend, my memories of Carlos Beltran (’cause he’ll probably be traded any second now, it seems).
I’ll also probably riff a bit on Star Trek: TNG comics, ’cause I’ve been gobbling those up the last few days (thanks to this DVD from ThinkGeek). And this week we’re talking about summer work on The Macaulay Vlog and musicals on AccioNerds (note: my video may involve the Decemberists rather than musicals). And of course there’s the standard short-post rigmarole on Tumblr and the even-shorter-post rigmarole on Twitter.
And in case you missed it (I didn’t put it up here on the blog), last week’s ThursTriv podcast:

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