Stuff I Dislike: “Shippers”

I know the whole concept of wanting two fictional characters to start messin’ around with each other has been around for a while (probably since the days of when soap operas were on radio), but it’s really only been since I’ve become a member of communities of those who enjoy certain works of fiction (Harry Potter, Star Trek, &c.) that it’s really come to annoy me.

The main crux of my issue with it is this: those who are “shippers” completely miss the point of the canon and the characterization. They forego enjoyment of the emotional, yet not romantic, bonds (or, in some cases, forego acknowledgment of a lack of emotional bonds entirely) between the characters in order to fulfill some infantile urge to see them go and date and stuff. For example, all of the Harry/Hermione shippers (hell, those in the Ron/Hermione camp as well before Rowling made that part of canon) pretty much gave up looking at our three heroes from Gryffindor House as having an incredibly strong friendship, constantly growing in the face of greater and greater danger, so that instead a couple of them could make kissy-faces at each other. (Also, yes I said kissy-faces and I stand by its use!) The only thing that’s worse in the HP world are “Dramione” shippers (tangentially related – can we just stop making portmanteaus for couples? That’s really gotten on my nerves), who seem to be Team Edward/Team Jacob rejects with an IQ slightly higher than some Twilight readers (honestly, people? How can you possibly come to the conclusion that calling Hermione anti-Muggle slurs is some sign that he secretly pines for her? Like, what the hell?).

This post has gotten far too nerdy, even for this blog, so I suggest you head over to Tumblr for this type of stuff. I’ll see you all tomorrow for the Top 5. In the meantime, enjoy my cover of M. Ward:


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