This Week’s Musings

Before I get to the posts I’ve got cooked up for this week, two pleasant announcements; first:

My Threadless tees came in!

And they are so soft and comfortable and wonderful. Secondly, sometime last week, Random Musings passed 20,000 page views! It’s pretty incredible how I got the second 10,000 views in half the time it took to get the first 10k (though having a post go relatively viral certainly helps).

And with that out of the way, this week’s posts!

  • Music Monday: It’s another pre-concert Music Monday post, as I introduce you to tUnE-yArDs.
  • Tuesday Stuff I Dislike: I talk about shippers. (No, not FedEx – though they can be annoying too (tangentially related – why the hell couldn’t I track my Threadless package via the Postal Service? I’m generally able to) – I mean this sort of thing.)
  • Wednesday Top 5: It’s week 3 of the game shows series on the Top 5, but I’m delaying the 5 Most Important Game Shows post to next week and adding a codicil to the series – the Top 5 best current game show hosts.
  • Thursday Trivia (on Friday!): I missed my 5 facts on Austria-Hungary last week, so I’ll do it this week, on Friday (I probably won’t be able to post on Thursday ’cause of the tUnE-yArDs concert).
  • No Stuff I Dislike post this week, ’cause I’ll be doing stuff over the weekend (between the Musical Saw Festival and the Cyclones, I won’t have time).
Additionally, this week we’re talking Harry Potter on AccioNerds and topics to be chosen on both The Macaulay Vlog and Year of the Nerd. I’ve got something cooked up for the personal channel too, just haven’t gotten around to taking out of a nebulous stage (I was originally going to include it in last week’s TMV but I forgot). And what would we be without the short-post/photography rigamarole on Tumblr and the even-shorter-post rigamarole on Twitter? (Also, what would we be without wishful thinking? …is one of my favorite Wilco lyrics.)
I’ll see y’all later for Music Monday; for now, enjoy Mavis Staples.

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