Free-Food-A-Palooza: Mexicue

You may remember back that at the Vendy Awards I sampled some of the food from Mexicue (along with basically everywhere else). It was a brisket slider with avocado, but since I was absolutely stuffed, I wasn’t really able to enjoy it, only finished half of it, and wasn’t really impressed.

Recently, though, Mexicue’s been in mind, as every time I leave Penn Station going down 7th Avenue I see a sign for a Mexicue brick-and-mortar location coming soon. That store’s finally opening this weekend (making it another food truck to open their own fixed location, joining the ranks of Calexico, Schnitzel & Things, and Souvlaki GR, which beat out Mexicue for Rookie of the Year at the Vendys last year) , but they had a special “friends and family” pre-opening today, and I was lucky enough to have a look inside the new space and sample some more free grub.

I got the Alabama BBQ Chicken taco (with romaine lettuce, roasted poblano chilis, and cotija cheese) and the Burnt Ends Chili slider (with pickled jalapenos and a cilantro lime sauce), and boy, did my opinion of Mexicue do a 180 after today. The chicken was a bit dry (the fact that they use two corn tortillas instead of one to wrap it didn’t help as it made the taco even thicker), but the taste was certainly there, with the delayed kick from the poblanos really sealing the deal. Instead of just pouring on the heat, this taco had a subtle spiciness – first I was hit with the taste of the chicken sprinkled with the cotija, and then the poblanos came in – which was its saving grace.

The slider, on the other hand, may be a case of love at first bite. The creamy cilantro lime sauce and the chili (made of brisket and ground beef – mmmmm) meshed absolutely perfectly. I didn’t especially realize that the pickled jalapenos were jalapenos (I just thought they were pickled cucumbers) until I re-read the menu – I thought that the kick was coming from the sauce – but that is a nice touch.

The meal probably would’ve totaled around $9, but I have a feeling I’ll be back for more of Mexicue, especially their sliders.

Mexicue’s restaurant is located at 270 7th Avenue, between 29th and 30th Streets, with apparently a second location on the way at 106 Forsyth Street in Chinatown; the truck roves about regularly, and you can track them on Twitter here.

Also, while more and more food trucks have found their footing in the form of physical restaurants, trucks are being pushed out of Midtown. Show your support for food trucks by going here and signing this petition.

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