This Week’s Musings

Hope you all had a fantastic Independence Day (or for the readers up north (if any), Canada Day) weekend – here’s the roundup of the awesomeness to come this week on the blog:

  • Required Listenings: Later tonight, the exact opposite of Stuff I Dislike – They Might Be Giants covering couple other songs. (If you don’t start smiling/laughing at them – well, I don’t believe you.)
  • Wednesday Top 5: We continue the Top 5 series on game shows with the Top 5 greatest game show hosts.
  • Thursday Trivia: In honor of Otto von Habsburg, the final Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary, who died yesterday, 5 facts about those two present day nations and the empire they once maintained.
  • On the ThursTriv podcast this week, 2 rounds and 10 questions about Wilco.
  • Stuff I Like: This week, why I love nerdy t-shirts.
Additionally, we’re talking games on AccioNerds this week; general complaints on Year of the Nerd; and the Twilight Zone on TMV. And of course there’s the standard short-post/photography rigamarole on Tumblr and even-shorter-post rigamarole on Twitter (with cameos from TMBG). (BTW, if you’re on Twitter or Tumblr, go on and click that follow button – it lets me know you care!)
I’ll see you later tonight for Required Listenings – for now, enjoy Beirut.

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