Required Listenings: TMBG Covering Stuff

They Might Be Giants, with all their albums for adults, albums for kids, podcasts for adults, podcasts for kids, and Dial-A-Song tunes, may well be the most prolific band ever. (They’re probably neck-and-neck with the Mountain Goats for the title.) They simply don’t need to cover songs. So when they do, it’s a sight and sound to behold.

This morning, the AV Club released the latest iteration of their Undercover series, with TMBG – who had their hit “Birdhouse in Your Soul” pretty terribly covered by Titus Andronicus – doing Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumping.” The result is probably the best thing that’s happened to a morning this side of M&M-studded pancakes. The embed doesn’t work (as usual), so head on over to the AV Club or to Tumblr to check it out.

Also, when I raved about it this morning, this showed up a few minutes later:

For lack of a better term, I fangirled a little when I saw that.

The “Tubthumping” cover reminded me of another one from way back when – TMBG’s cover (which isn’t really a cover, since they don’t know the words – at all) of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”:

By the way, TMBG is doing a free show on July 29th at 5:30 with Jonathan Coulton and Eugene Mirman (ed. note: I know!) at the Williamsburg Waterfront. More info here.


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