Watch This: Jim Gaffigan

Jim Gaffigan’s certainly not the laziest funny person in the world – he’s produced seven comedy albums and has been in a bunch of films and television shows (including a recurring role on the TBS series My Boys – does anyone watch My Boys?) – but he’s probably the funniest lazy person in the world. In his last two albums, Beyond the Pale and King Baby, he spoke at length on two topics: laziness and food. He truly is the king of idling and possibly a crowned head of some kind of gluttony. Here he is teaching basically the master class in laziness:

His jokes on food are fantastic, largely ’cause they come mostly from love instead of hate, it seems. For example, his thoughts on bacon:

He’s probably best known for his evisceration of Hot Pockets, which needs no introduction:

Much like George Carlin (though in a totally different style) and contemporary Jerry Seinfeld, Gaffigan often dissects societal quirks (and much like Kevin Nealon on Weekend Update as Subliminal Message Man (and here on this blog), Gaffigan at times employs an alternate voice to criticize himself), like with birthdays and who the hell invented the robe:

Probably the only time his jokes come off as slightly disingenuous is when he tries to deride something he probably loves, like Cinnabon (which to be fair he doesn’t deride – in fact, he treats mostly himself with scorn), and even then, it’s funny.

Jim Gaffigan will be performing with special guest John Pinette at Central Park SummerStage as part of the 5th annual “Comedy Central Park” event on Wednesday at 8:00 PM.


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