New Podcast! Wooooooo!

This week’s topic is Sesame Street!

This week’s song is “Don’t Want to Live on the Moon” by Craig Benzine (aka Wheezywaiter), from the DFTBA RecordsLullabies album.

UPDATE: I completely forgot to include the answers to the bonus podcast. Just so you don’t think I’m a bad person, here they are, after the jump:

Round 1: the NYPL

1. Philately

2. Trylon & Perisphere; Parachute Jump

3. Croton Reservoir or Murray Hill Reservoir

4. Andrew Carnegie

5. Tropic of Cancer


Round 2: 2010 in film

1. Avatar

2. Tim Minchin

3. Toy Story 3

4. Toy Story 3 and Alice in Wonderland

5. I Love You Phillip Morris


One thought on “New Podcast! Wooooooo!

  1. I did get all the answers correct except number 4.

    Heartwarming version of the song, but my fav is Aaron Neville and Ernie’s duet. Always brings a tear to my eye.

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