This Week’s Musings

Happy Summer Solstice, everybody! Here’s hoping to actually posting all of these.

  • Stuff I Dislike: Later tonight, why I can’t stand people who talk on their cell phone and wave at televised sporting events.
  • Top 5: I’m going to start off a three-week series on game shows on the Top 5 (4 if you retroactively include this post on game show contestants):
    • Tomorrow, the Top 5 best game show theme songs;
    • Next week, the Top 5 greatest game show hosts;
    • And finally two weeks from tomorrow, the Top 5 most important game shows
  • Thursday Trivia: As promised last week, 5 facts about James Earl Jones and an “In the Papers” feature for the current issue of mental_floss (the latter of which I may move to Friday).
  • This week on the podcast, as was scheduled last week, 5 questions on Sesame Street.
  • Stuff I Like: I present why I love Jim Gaffigan.
Also this week, talking about comic books on Wednesday on AccioNerds; …something on Friday on Year of the Nerd; and gay marriage in New York on Saturday on The Macaulay Vlog, along with the standard short-post/photography rigamarole on Tumblr and the even-shorter-post rigamarole on Twitter.

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