Stuff I Dislike: People Waving on While on Cell Phones at Televised Sporting Events

So you’re behind home plate at a baseball game; the game’s on TV (most are, especially if it’s a major league game or like last night’s Cyclones game, which I was at and which was the impetus for this post), and as a result, you’re on TV. Now, you could just do the smart thing and watch the game, or – realizing that you’re behind home plate before you go – tell your friends that you’ll be on TV and tell them to watch it or record it or whatever. Same goes for being in the end zones at a football game, or near the penalty box or behind the benches at a hockey game, or court-side at a basketball game (you rich sonofagun, you).

But noooooo, instead you’ve got to call your friends and family every damn half-inning telling them that you’re on TV.

Like these morons.

While the people who are sitting next to you (ideally not also calling their friends and family telling them that they were on TV) have to listen to every damn one of your conversations, ’cause they paid for that seat and aren’t leaving ’cause of some jerk. And that’s not even a hugely major achievement or anything, being on TV at a sporting event. You’re not interviewed (unless you’re Jerry Seinfeld, in which case you get to do freakin’ play-by-play), you’re not really mentioned unless you catch a foul ball or something, you’re just there, a face in the crowd. Do you have to wave and call your friends if you’re on the news? (No, you post video of it on your blog.) So therefore you don’t have to at a sporting event. It makes you look like “that guy,” and frankly, I hate “that guy.”

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