Top 5: Chocolates and Candies

Wrapper of an M-Azing bar.

Pour one out for the M-Azing bar, y'all. (Image via Wikipedia.)


I’ll be honest: I’ve always had a bit of a sweet tooth (mitigated by a relatively high metabolism combined with a crapload of walking and other physical activity). Sugar is a pretty damn addictive drug and when I crave it, it can be one of many different chocolates or fruity candies. In this double-length post, I count down with my top 5 favorites in each category.

First, my top 5 favorite chocolates, starting with…

5. Twix

George Costanza tirade aside, these cookie filled bars are pretty unique and generally deliver. And you get two of them, which is cool.

4. Snickers

I generally have an on-again, off-again relationship with Snickers – most of the time I like it, but sometimes I’m just not feeling caramel. The peanuts are always a nice touch ’cause I loves me some peanuts but sometimes the caramel just isn’t right.

3. M&M’s

You know that joke by the late Mitch Hedberg about rice? Same thing kind of goes for M&M’s – it’s the chocolate you choose if you want to have a few dozen of something. But seriously, they’re obviously a really good chocolate and the fact that they can withstand some degree of heat is a pretty big attribute. (Honorable mention to the dearly-departed M-Azing M&M-studded chocolate bar, which was really good.)

2. Crunch

It doesn’t really matter that Crunch bars were first made by Nestle in the 1930s – when I have one I get nostalgic for the ’90s when POGs ruled the world and Shaquille O’Neal – then with the Orlando Magic – was starring in movies and hawking Crunch. While they’re generally ludicrously expensive based on the price-to-weight ratio (it’s a pretty thin bar to boot), when I have them, I really enjoy them – not only for the taste but for revisiting my childhood.

T1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups & Reese’s Pieces

I know I’m fudging things with the number 1 choice – but sometimes I’m feeling the Cups and sometimes I’m feeling the Pieces. Either way, they provide basically the same great peanut buttery taste, along with about 5 grams of protein from those peanuts that make me feel an iota better about getting them.

And my 5 favorite fruity candies:

5. Jolly Ranchers

Really this only applies to the blue raspberry flavor (the rest really don’t matter – except for maybe green apple, that’s generally kind of good (that reminds me, you know what I haven’t had/seen in a bajillion years? War Heads. Those things were awesome.) – but otherwise, nothin’), and further this really only applies to the fact that even at 19, I love getting my tongue blue from Jolly Ranchers. I regret nothing.


4. Tootsie Pops

Again, fudging it a bit by having the ultimate fruity-chocolatey hybrid as my #4, but the sheer synergy just works really well – putting it over TigerPops and Dum Dums. And frankly, I love it most for the lollipop – especially the orange flavor – the chocolate is just the icing on the lollipop cake.

3. Skittles

Much like with Snickers, I have an on-again, off-again relationship with Skittles. When you chew them they turn into this strange powdery stuff that just feels weird. (Also, I’m still waiting on a LeVar Burton-starring Skittles ad that says, “Read the Rainbow. Taste the Rainbow. Get on that, Mars.)

2. Swedish Fish

The dark-horse piscine Scandinavian candy takes #2 on this list, as they’re gummy but sweet and not terribly mushy. I rarely have them, but when I do, they’re great.


The #1 favorite fruity candy is also a chew, as it’s…

1. Starburst

Obviously, it’s the orange and lemon ahead of the strawberry (which for some reason is pink, which I do not understand one bit) and cherry (I think everyone has that hierarchy), and by far they’re the fruity candy I have most often. But despite having them often, they don’t get less enjoyable.


4 thoughts on “Top 5: Chocolates and Candies

  1. my starburst hierarchy is lemon, strawberry, orange, and then cherry 🙂 and the strawberry is pink because red was already stolen by cherry :[

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