New Video and This Week’s Musings

So here’s a video I did for World Blood Donor Day:

You might want to play this as soon as you’re done with it. In any case, this week’s musings! I’m going to make it sort of a Top 5 week – largely ’cause I have I double-length post out of the way and partly because it should be interesting.

  • Top 5: Tomorrow, my 5 favorite chocolates and 5 fruity candies, as promised but not gotten to last week.
  • Thursday Trivia: I’m going to do something different for this week’s Thursday Trivia. Much like the top 5, it’ll be double-length – part 1 will be 5 facts about James Earl Jones, and part 2 will be sort of an Pat Kiernan, “In the Papers”-esque video going through facts I find interesting in the next issue of mental_floss (what I hope to make a feature every other month), which I got this morning.
  • This week on the ThursTriv Podcast, I announce the winners of the bonus podcast prizes (currently nonexistent – get answer-emailing, people!) and the answers to the questions in that podcast, along with 5 questions on Sesame Street. (Kelly Cordray’s going to come on the show to talk about Sesame Street with me sometime within that span, so it may be a bit longer than usual and possibly without a song.)
  • Stuff I Like: I still haven’t written about Yoo-Hoo yet?! Jeez, I’m slow! In lieu of that, my 5 favorite non-juice soft drinks.

Additionally, I’ll be talking about comedy and comedians on AccioNerds tomorrow; talking about YouTube and what I like and dislike about it on Year of the Nerd Friday; and talking about…something on TMV Saturday. Also, I’m hoping to get to see the Coen Brothers’ True Grit on Saturday before the Cyclones home opener at the Museum of the Moving Image and possibly the documentary Page One, on the New York Times, on Monday – I’ll review those on Tumblr as part of the standard short post/photography rigamarole, with the even-shorter-post rigamarole continuing over on Twitter.


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