This Week’s Musings

I’m doing this week’s preview of what I’ve got cooked up here on Random Musings a day early, largely for the reason that my parents, by reading this post, will know I wasn’t abducted by aliens or anything when I came back into the City yesterday. So there’s that. With that in mind, here’s this week’s scheduled posts:

  • Music Monday: In preparation for his Celebrate Brooklyn show on Friday, I introduce you to Andrew Bird.
  • Dueling Top 5: Kelly Cordray astutely realized that I’ve never done any posts on candy, so I’ll do two Top 5 posts this week; one on my Top 5 chocolates, and one on my 5 favorite fruity candies, which will run Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.
  • Thursday Trivia: Largely because I was there last Friday and I’ll be there this Friday, 5 facts about Prospect Park.
  • I’ll be honest – between  my construction of the Grand Slam tournament we had at the Macaulay Spring Picnic and my birthday this weekend, I never got around to writing and recording the ThursTriv podcast on the New York City subway, so I’m going to do it this week. Meaning y’all get an extra week to send in your answers to the bonus podcast questions to win fabulous (and not-so-fabulous) prizes! (C’mon, Pecoraro, it’s just 5 questions and a song! Jeez…)By the way, about the podcast – it’ll be moving to Tumblr very, very soon ’cause there I can set up an RSS feed and then apply to have it on iTunes.
  • Stuff I Like: I finally get around to writing about my love for Yoo-Hoo.
Additionally, videos on my personal channel (which I’ve kind of neglected these last few weeks and made basically a second channel for my collective of collabs), AccioNerds on Wednesday, my new project Year of the Nerd on Friday, TMV on Saturday; a glut of Random Doodles and short-post/iPod photography rigamarole on Tumblr; and the even-shorter-post rigamarole on Twitter.
I’ll see y’all tomorrow for Music Monday – but first, enjoy Hank Green talking about giving blood and the life of a blood cell, largely ’cause I’m giving blood for the third time in 2011 (and the sixth time in the year to date).

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Musings

  1. But how do we parents know if you weren’t abducted by aliens, tortured, then forced to give up your passwords so that the aliens can hijack DPECS to further their evil conquest of the universe?

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