Music Monday: Neutral Milk Hotel

I was very skeptical upon first listening to Neutral Milk Hotel.  I am no music expert by any means, and most of the stuff I listen to is pretty mainstream: catchy beats and repeating choruses.  I imagined a band called “Neutral Milk Hotel” would probably have nothing to offer but weird beats and pretentious lyrics.  But after listening to “In an Aeroplane Over the Sea,” I was in love.

The lyrics are so odd, bizarre, and strangely, extremely beautiful.  Not only do they tell a story, but the band uses eclectic instrumentals and sound effects (swinging doors, saws) to set a scene.  The combination conjures intense images, snapshots of human emotions.  I cannot pretend that I fully understand the story, but I do not mind the air of mystery – the music itself is like a journey through all the weird, raw feelings that we have that we do not understand.

I once read that anyone who has not heard “In an Aeroplane Over the Sea” is doing themselves a great disservice, and I completely agree.


One thought on “Music Monday: Neutral Milk Hotel

  1. This. Band. Is. Awesome.

    Just saying. And a random note, they are mentioned in one of John Green’s books, which is quite fabulous and how I found out about them. :]

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