Stuff I Like: Sporcle

I was first introduced to Sporcle last year by a friend who told me, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you – It’s addictive.” And he was right. I quickly found that senioritis and Sporcle go together better than Sandy and Danny from Grease.  It wasn’t long before I was trying my hand at everything: Countries of Africa, the Periodic Table – no task was too daunting to sacrifice the procrastination that it provided. On the bright side, it was the most productive procrastination I had ever experienced.

Sporcle is a great way to brush up on trivia you once knew (like all those US Presidents), as well as to learn a bunch of new and/or obscure things, like all those countries in Oceania.  When an Italian kid last summer insulted the American education system and challenged me to name a few countries in Africa, you best believe I held my own.

From Countries of the World to listing Harry Potter characters to identifying common rap songs disguised in scholarly wording, Sporcle is full of “mentally stimulating diversions.”  What could be better?


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