This Week’s Musings

After another week off, we’re back for a week’s worth of posts, and here they are:

  • Top 5: Largely because of Saturday’s Cap Night at Citi Field (truly a great night of baseball and Seinfeld references), my 5 favorite Seinfeld episodes.
  • Thursday Trivia: Largely because he sang “Take Me Out the Ballgame” at last Saturday’s Mets game, 5 facts on the life and career of Jerry Stiller.
  • On the ThursTriv Podcast this week, as scheduled for last, 5 questions on Central Park.
  • Required Listenings Top 5: On Friday, partially in honor of this week’s theme on AccioNerds, partially in an homage of this week’s edition of This American Life, my top 5 favorite songs I heard over my week off.
  • Stuff I Like: I talk about Yoo-Hoo because Yoo-Hoo is good.

Additionally this week, as noted, I’ll be talking about music tomorrow on AccioNerds (I’ll remember to post those videos here from now on), talking about finals and superstition on TMV, hopefully a video this week on the personal channel (I’ll think of something, just hope I have the time), the standard photography-and-short-posts rigamarole on Tumblr, and the standard even-shorter-posts rigamarole on Twitter.

Also, there will be a guest week extending from May 19th to May 26th (Thursday to Thursday) – I can’t say who it is yet ’cause I haven’t confirmed with her (there’s your not-so-helpful spoiler, I guess) and I want to announce it next Monday anyway; in any case, there won’t be a ThursTriv podcast next week (there will be one the week after).

I’ll see you tomorrow for the Top 5; for now, enjoy Gorillaz.


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