This Week’s Musings (and Saturday’s Random Report)

Here’s a fresh week of posts coming right at you:

  • Stuff I Dislike: Tomorrow, why I’m kinda glad Michael Scott’s leaving.
  • Top 5: I’m surprised I haven’t done it before – my top 5 favorite major league stadia.
  • Thursday Trivia: In honor of 31 Cent Scoop Night on Wednesday, 5 facts about Baskin-Robbins.
  • On the ThursTriv podcast this week (which, FYI, I recorded today and I’ll probably edit either tonight or tomorrow), 5 questions on the US Postal Service.
  • In lieu of the Stuff I Like this week, a review of Glasvegas’s new album. EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\.
  • Also the usual short post/iPod photography rigamarole on Tumblr, the even shorter post/iPod photography rigamarole on Twitter, and coming back in the Saturday saddle of The Macaulay Vlog, Also, a week from today, the awesome new collab I’m a part of, AccioNerds, is launching with the wonderful MaddhouseKB beginning the festivities (I begin vlogging on that channel Wednesday). I feel like how M. Ward is in like three different acts right now with all of these collabs and my solo channel (well, semi-solo, when Danielle co-vlogs).

And now without further ado this week’s Random Report (which basically is a companion piece/bonus video for TMV, but whatever)!


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