Free-Food-A-Palooza: 16 Handles

The area around St. Marks Place between 3rd and 4th Avenues is kind of a hotbed of frozen yogurt (pun most definitely intended). And while I’m more partial to Yogurt Station (39 cents an ounce for self-serve fro-yo!), I couldn’t pass up a Tenka deal for 16 Handles (a deal that originally sold out in one day before they added more redemptionsto be fair, though, it was a hot day) for a free small frozen yogurt.

What I Got: Half chocolate, half banana, with kiwi, M&M’s, and rainbow sprinkles.

What It Looks Like:

How It Tastes: For the chocolate, it’s pretty damn great – sugary but not too much, enough chocolatey flavor, obviously complemented well with the M&M’s and sprinkles. The kiwis are nice and tart and they clash well with the chocolate (I get the kiwis ’cause I don’t usually eat kiwis and ’cause I’m weird). The banana fro-yo, on the other hand, tasted kinda artificial – it didn’t really feel like there was even any sort of essence of banana in there. If I come back (and, due to the aforementioned allegiances, I probably won’t), I’ll stay away from the banana and get the chocolate along with something else.


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