Watch This: “History Will Be Made”

(UPDATE: I wrote this yesterday, and then this happened. Perhaps these ads are some sort of premonition.)

For the past two years, the NHL has been branding television coverage of the Stanley Cup Playoffs (easily both one of the longest championship series in American sports and one of the most fun) with the tagline “History Will Be Made.” They’ve produced some fantastic commercials under this umbrella, each with a line of “History [does something]…History Will Be Made,” including what can only be described as real-time creations of advertisements (basically one big moment from each day of games – last night’s was Brian Boucher coming up big in goal for the Flyers, which you can see below). I guess you can say that “History Can Be Made at Any Moment.” (Sorry, these things write themselves.) Here are a few of my favorites:

As promised here’s the one from last night’s Flyers-Sabres game, as “History Answers the Call.”

Yesterday’s featured Brandon Dubinsky’s game-winner against the Caps – “History Finds A Way.”

I, for one, love the fan-made one as well from Sunday’s game – “History Can Be Ugly.”

Another great fan-made video, featuring the 2003 Ducks’ championship run:

Back to the league-produced spots, here’s a more holistic one – “History Can Make a Mess.”

This one I love, for obvious reasons – “History Becomes a Household Name.”

This tagline could’ve easily been used for Howie Rose’s call of “Matteau!” – “History Makes Us Scream.”

Last year’s use of the tagline came with the line “What If…?” For example, “What If Bobby Didn’t Fly?” (This one I picked almost exclusively because it shows Bobby Orr flying through the air in reverse, which I think is awesome.)

The NHL’s big on the whole “uniting a city” thing – here it is for New York in ’94.

We’ll end on a fan-made note of parody (for the record, I have a sort of “he’s a jerk but he’s our jerk” point of view when it comes to Sean Avery, hence why I think this one is hilarious).


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