This Week’s Musings

Here’s another abbreviated week of posts (to be perfectly honest, I kinda like this schedule):

  • Required Listening: Tonight in lieu of Music Monday, I introduce you to Gary Clark, Jr.
  • Wednesday Top 5: Tomorrow, in honor of Brandon Dubinsky’s bodacious playoff mustache, my 5 favorite articles of facial hair in sports.
  • Thursday Trivia: 5 facts about chocolate in all its many forms.
  • Thursday Trivia Podcast: This week on the podcast we begin the Thursday Trivia Revisited feature, where I look back at one of the previous Thursday Trivia posts and do questions on the topic. This week, 10 questions (that’s right – not 5, but 10!) on Seinfeld.
  • Friday Stuff I like: A whole post on why I love pesto.

Also this week, more of the short post rigamarole on Tumblr (maybe a couple of essays); The Random Report serves as a staging ground for my TMV bonus video this week (Danielle Gold vlogs from Buffalo this week on the legit TMV). I also probably will be uploading a recording of a mariachi band on the 7 train on the primary SoundCloud.

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