This Week’s Musings

I’m going to stuff a bunch of posts within this little half-week (largely because next week will probably share the same structure, what with Passover and all), and here they are:

  • Wednesday Top 5: Later tonight, my 5 favorite Pixar shorts.
  • Tech Report Doo-Dad: What with it being a few months after I got my iPod touch, I write about my favorite iPhone apps.
  • Thursday Trivia: 5 facts about street signs. (Depending on when the Mets doubleheader ends tomorrow, I might push this to Friday.)
  • Thursday Trivia Podcast: A bit of news – today I opened a second SoundCloud account for the purposes of embarking on a new audio-based project. Each week, along with the textual Thursday Trivia post, I’ll be posting a brand new podcast of five questions (and answers, of course) on a certain category. This week, 5 questions based on the documentary The Last Play at Shea, which I’ll be reviewing sometime this week.

Also this week, on the Random Report, I review MiO, a new water flavorer; on The Macaulay Vlog (which, in lieu of Danielle Gold subbing for me next week, I’ll be staging next week on the personal channel), a brief discussion on why “Kosher for Passover” exists, and on – dpecs., hopefully, finally, if I’m lucky, the Eulogy for the 57th Street Borders I’ve been talking about, plus the general photography/short post rigamarole.


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