Thursday Trivia: The New York Times

The New York Times building in New York, NY ac...

Not trivia - the New York Times Building, which I like to call "The Jungle Gym" 'cause of the three building climbers, is a cool building. It's in my Top 5 Skyscrapers (which I think might be next week). (Image via Wikipedia.)

The New York Times has been around for a long while – since 1851, in fact. It’s been around so long that when it was founded it wasn’t The New York Times. It was originally the New-York Daily Times – that hyphen a now arcane part of New York City’s name, which remains in the New-York Historical Society, the oldest museum in New York (founded in 1804) – and wasn’t called by its current moniker until 1857.

Four more facts about the Gray Lady after the jump!

  • The Times didn’t publish Sunday papers until 1861, when demand for Civil War news caused the publication of a paper on the Sabbath.
  • Current crossword puzzle editor Will Shortz is the only person in the world to have a degree in enigmatology. His favorite puzzle? Election Day 1996 – which had a clue that allowed for the answer to be CLINTON ELECTED or  BOB DOLE ELECTED.
  • Surprisingly, though, the crossword wasn’t published until 1942! Originally, the paper regarded crosswords as primitive and banal, but came around to them as a response to Pearl Harbor, thinking that something would be needed to pass the time during blackout drills, with the crossword filling that void.
  • The New York Times Magazine was first published in 1896, and featured some of the first photographs ever in the Times. Since then, though, the Times has won only three Pulitzers in photography out of the 101 they’ve won overall, though it swept in 2002 for both the feature and breaking news categories (the former dealing with the war in Afghanistan, the latter for coverage of the September 11th attacks).

Tomorrow on – dpecs., the weekly Random Thoughts essay, where I present my eulogy for the 57th Street Borders.


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