Live Show Tomorrow! (Updated)

(Update: Cialina Ngo of the fantastic YA fiction review blog and Twitter will be on the show as well!)


So this weekend’s post kinda burnt up in flames ’cause I was in Queens (as evidenced by the background of this week’s TMV being the kitchen of the Random Musings headquarters), then I was in Brooklyn, then I was in Manhattan, then Brooklyn again, then Queens again, then finally Manhattan (those last three were just today – stupid G train and accompanying weekend service changes). So suffice it to say that I’m pretty beat.

But, my resolve isn’t totally lost. I’ll be posting the Making Crap Up story tomorrow afternoon, and tomorrow night in lieu of Music Monday, and in honor of Random Report recurring co-host Danielle Gold’s 19th birthday tomorrow, I’m doing a special Random Report – Live! tomorrow at around 8:30 PM on Ustream. This live edition won’t be a hasty post-mortem of a weekend, like the last live show, but will be more topical. I’m hoping this’ll become a regular thing on either Wednesdays or Thursdays, to do a live show. (Also, hopefully this time I’ll have it recorded as well as it being done live so that it will go to YouTube thereafter.)

So stay tuned at around 8:30 tomorrow night on Ustream for The Random Report – Live! and keep on checking in for future live shows.


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