Stuff I Like: Cookies

I can’t remember when I started baking or what it started with, but baking has become a hallmark of my friendships. I’ll bake my friends almost anything, but most of the time I bake them cookies because, who doesn’t like cookies? Some of my favorite cookies to bake are:

Chocolate chip
Because there is nothing more perfect than a well bakes chocolate chip cookie. A nice dough base with bits or chocolate that have just begun to melt. Yum! I always put extra vanilla in my chocolate chip cookies because a powdery cookie is just not the same.

Playdough cookies are an invention of my own. They’re basically a cream cheese cookie, but dyed crazy colors (with gel, not liquid color). The great thing about these cookies is if you take them out of the oven a minute in advance they’re nice and chewy and, unlike Play-Doh, the colors don’t mix and they taste a lot better.

Dulce de Leche
I first made dulce de leche cookies for my teacher. Dulce de leche is the hardest thing in the world to make, but (thanks to science!) it now conveniently comes in a can! The cookies are basically a chocolate chip base, but with dulce de leche infused and minus the chocolate chips. They key to making these cookies amazing is to make them small. If they’re small you can make them sandwich cookies!
Sugar cookie might be better than chocolate chip cookies. They’re super simple and super delicious. The best are chewy and made with powdered sugar not granulated sugar. Also, if your culinarily inclined, you should try making brown sugar-sugar cookies. They have a sweet taste but aren’t as bad for you!


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