Thursday Trivia (On Friday): Tattoos

Tattoos have invaded popular culture and subcultures alike, and personally I approve of this. It’s hard for me to imagine that people thousands of years ago sported tattoos in the same fashion as people today. However, tattoos (on human skin) date back to the year 3,000 BCE. Since then tattoos have progressed to the point where there are black light tattoos. The evolution of the tattoo as an art is truly fascinating and I am eagerly awaiting the day they make 3D tattoos.

Some more kool stuff about tattoos:

  • The oldest known tattoo is said to be the tattoo patterns found on Otzi, the Iceman of 1991, who was carbon dated to be about 5,400 years old.  (Hence the 3,000 BCE statement above)
  • Tattoos were officially made legal in New York in 1997. (They were banned in 1961 after the health department found what was believed to be a series of blood-borne hepatitis cases coming from tattoo parlors.)
  • Samuel O’Reilly was the inventor of the electric tattoo machine.
  • Pope Hadrian banned the practice of tattooing, but most Catholics ignored his ruling and tattooed their children in order to stop them from a forced conversion to Islam.

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