Music Monday: Old and New

So for my first ever blog post, I’d like to show you two things. First is what I would have to say is my favorite song ever. Well, maybe my second favorite song ever (I think it might get kicked out by Billy Joel. It’s hard to say). It’s been (almost) my favorite song since I was a kid and it still seems to amaze me every time I listen to it. Enough rambling now.

Paul Simon – Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard

See, now isn’t that song just awesome! I think I like it so much because it tells a story and yet I have no idea what it’s about. Why is Mama Pajama so pissed at him? And really now, who’s Julio and what in the world were the two of them doing? Paul Simon refuses to answer these questions and that make me love him just a little bit more.

This next one is a song I was recently (about a month ago) introduced to. It’s long, it’s amazing, it’s dubstep.

Chrispy – Predator

I still have not found the perfect way to describe the above. It makes me feel like Marvin the Martian is trying to hunt a tiger with his ACME Disintegrating Pistol.


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